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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beautiful days and Exciting Times

What a beautiful day!  The sun is out and it is actually warm, the birds are chirping and my plum and apricot trees are in blossom, the mulberry tree is full of mulberries that will soon ripen.  What more can a girl ask for and the cherry on top is the most romantic love story of our times came together last night.  Last night I attended the coming together of two people in marriage.
The story started mid July 2012 when I received and inquiry for accommodation from an American gentleman that was supposed to arrive on 11 July 2012, I waited until midnight but he did not arrive.  As he already paid his deposit I dropped him a mail the next morning to enquire if he perhaps missed his flight, as it turned out this exactly what happened due to bad weather conditions.  He finally arrived 25 July 2012.  The reason for his stay in Cape Town was to plan his marriage to his beautiful Algerian sweetheart.  They met while he was working in Algeria in construction and she worked as an interpreter for the same construction company.  Their romance grew gradually over the one and a half years that they worked together.  However their romance had to be kept secret, she is a muslim and he not, should her brothers learn of this romance she will probably be locked up and the key thrown away.  While in Cape Town he asked for my assistance to facilitate his conversion to islam, which I did by contacting the local Imaam.   He then started the process of arranging her visa to travel with him to the United States where they will be making their home after they get married. 
On Friday 3 August he flew back to Algeria to fetch his bride, praying her family did not get wind of the situation and prevent him from bringing her to South Africa but luck was on their side, on 30 August they finally arrived back in Cape Town and finally tied the knot last night at the Lagoon Beach Hotel with an Imaam officiating the Nikah (Islamic Marriage) and a pastor to perform the western ceremony, just as a formality in order to make it legal for the purpose of getting her visa travel to the United States as husband and wife.
Now if that’s not romantic then I don’t know.  “True love always prevail”

I am honoured to have been given this opportunity be part of such wonderful union of two soul mates.

What exciting times we live in!!!